Friday, 1 February 2013

It's been a while

Hi guys,

First off, thank you if you have EVER bothered to land here. Second off, it's been a little quiet around here for the last few months and I think it's high time I told you guys why. Simply put I have been BUSY!
From the point of the last blog update, I have worked at the Olympics for the Olympic Broadcasting Service (fantastic experience, any students or prospective students to Kingston University, I got there through a partnership with the uni, I recommend you go to as much possible because you don't know what you're going to miss). After that, I was offered an internship at a studio in Belgium, so I have been working towards getting myself ready for that. That begins in a couple of weeks so I have since been working on writing music for theaters in Dalston, short films for uni projects and working on a few indie video games.
So that is an uber-brief catch up on why there has been nothing up. My partner in crime, Joe Murray has been managing his own production company so he's been busy too, filming music videos and writing scripts. So. Keep checking back from time to time. We might have something up for you soon.

Drunken Love,


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